Relational Space is a non-profit art gallery and forum

where scientific exploration and artistic expression come together. 

We aim to create new knowledge, curate immersive installations and

build a more just and sustainable world, inspired by art and transformed through truth.

The stories we tell matter.



Relational Space is a new platform where scientists and artists collaboratively

curate immersive art exhibitions with empirical narratives for engaging visitors

in compelling worlds able to mobilize sensation, imagination and social action.

Immersive Art Exhibits Forums for Knowledge Exchange  Collaboration
Community Educational Opportunities Knowledge Dissemination
Blue Colored Smoke in Alley
Blurry Lights
Image by Joel Filipe
IMG_0663 2
Image by Sharon Pittaway

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift

and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant

and has forgotten the gift.”





Immersive exhibitions engage us so the mind and heart are working together.

They ignite our senses and our intellect, connecting us to something larger.

Blending art and scholarly narrative  can mobilizes the imagination and arouse

both reason and passion, inspiring us to construct reality in new ways. 




The problems of our world are complex and overwhelming.

Solutions can seem out of our reach. Relational Space gives us a platform for collaboration that inspires creativity, knowledge exchange and promotes the radical cross-pollination of ideas with a vision of forging transformational social change. 



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Artists and scientists alike are focused on exploring the world and try to understand the universe through introspection, examination and experimentation. Their differences in perspective and methodology can lead to novel dialogue. Combining scientific exploration with creative expression offers unique opportunities for forming new knowledge, discovery and creativity. To tackle the intractable challenges of our global society requires a brand new language – a language of interdisciplinarity, interconnectedness, and intersectionality. Relational Space provides an immersive space for artistic expression and scholarly knowledge exchange with focus on Evidence-based Art: Art presented in relation to empirically supported ideas to promote transformational social change. Relational Space encourages communication and collaboration among artists, scientists, policy-makers and community activists. Our vision sees a more just and sustainable world, inspired by art and transformed through truth. 


The stories we tell matter.

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