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We are here to create radically new vision of artistic and scientific innovation. By investing in this new vision of creativity and empowerment you become part of community that recognizes the power of individual voice and the difference that personal agency and collaboration can make. Relational space is a non-profit gallery and forum. We ask you to give generously and celebrate your decision to be active. Donations of any amount make such a big difference.


As the interconnectedness of the modern world expands, we see more and more unexpected consequences. It can be overwhelming.  But we can build a better world. Becoming a volunteer with Relational Space is a way to take positive social action. You can volunteer in areas ranging from research, editing, event production, media, and so many other other small or large activities depending on your time availability and interests.  



It has been empirically demonstrated that just 25% of the population can create a tipping point and affect social change. Relational Space is a dynamic community of individuals and organizations dedicated to creating new platforms for creative expression, knowledge exchange, innovation and activism. When you partner with us you become part of that community. We are better together.


Relational Space identifies as a creative space for building community. We are more similar than we are different - we all part of one world. Together we can co-create stories that are inclusive and participatory, reflecting our greater humanity rather than distinctions that divide us. 

Relational Space will be learning every day and developing new ways to imagine, construct and communicate. Let us know what you think. Read our posts and publications; attend our events; volunteer; and, become a part of a positive momentum for intersectionality and social justice.

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