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Long COVID - We Are Here! (6 Days to the Event)

Leigh W. Jerome

April 23, 2021

Virtual exhibition opening in 6 DAYS:
Co-curated by and featuring these incredible participants: Sam Baumel Helen L. Collen Dominik Havsteen-Franklin ALEXANDRA JUHASZ, Ali Pattillo, Heather Raikes, Jeff Siegelman , Shona Paterson Pato Hebert Bettina von Stamm Kodandi Nithyananda Karta L Thomas Leigh W. Jerome. Also interviews by Laurie Nadel, Ph.D.Noah Greenspan and musical contributions from Dr. Susan Levine and Jean Sophie Kim

Long COVID - We Are Here! is a fearless exploration into the long-haul experience aiming to: 1-Raise awareness; 2-Compel an international, funded research agenda;
3-Advocate for a global repository of open access articles, resources, therapeutics & treatment strategies; 4-Urge widespread physician training and support.

Further, this Long COVID:We Are Here! exhibition unites in solidarity with other debilitating and frequently dismissed syndromes such as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) for increased visibility and support.

Relational Space has brought together six scientist and six artists in three facilitated, distributed sessions to collaborate around a powerful, data-driven, Long COVID narrative. The voices reflect a range of disciplines including medicine, journalism, conservation science, psychology and information technology as well as both traditional and new media arts. Participants heralded from across the US and the UK, contributing scholarly papers, art works and lived experience for the Long-COVID – We Are Here! exhibition.

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