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Beyond Gender: The Future of Being Human

Leigh W. Jerome

November 16, 2022

OPEN CALL (Relational Space)

The gender binary currently plots out a trajectory for being human that is restrictive and perpetuates inequality, oppression, violence, dissatisfaction, shame, and gender expectations that do not allow flexibility in individual expression. People are constrained by gender stereotypes and must often disconnect from their authentic selves. For many people the gender ideologies that govern their thoughts, feelings and behaviors remain invisible. What would a future look like where we were simply allowed to show up as we are? How would the human trajectory change with intersectional perspectives? We cannot tackle gun violence without addressing pervasive masculine ideology. We cannot tackle climate change if we don’t understand that 80% of the people displaced from its effects, are women and girls. How can we advance women’s rights when women of color routinely confront racism, poverty and inequality’s other entwined injustices—and have been historically excluded from social movements, including feminism?

Relational Space is now accepting submissions for the juried Art and Science exhibition, Beyond Gender: The Future of Being Human, an exhibition that challenges us to envision a world of equity, inclusivity and emotional connection, where a range of human identities and expression are revered - and, asks, How would society need to evolve to realize this transformation?

The curation is a multi-sensory, immersive and collaborative exhibition. Relational Space welcomes submissions of art works in any media, inclusive of but not limited to: painting, sculpture, photography, video, digital art, sound art, performance, AR, XR and other new media or well-developed ideas for creating the works, in order to realize a deeply compelling event.

Application Instructions
Relational Space brings together diverse artists and scientists to collaboratively envision a future that is inclusive, intersectional and compassionately embraces all identities, in all their forms.

Please read and respond to the full exhibition narrative at:

Please submit through the submission portal on the Relational Space website:

On the Relational Space website, you will also find submission guidelines and our Open Call FAQ including timeline, file parameters etc. In addition to images, you will be prompted to submit an artist’s statement and bio as well as a complete description of your work.

See for all details regarding the process for collaboration and co-curation

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